"SPIEZ was created with a simple goal in mind – make the best products possible for workers and service personnel around the world and nourish their talents while doing it. By working closely with workers and service personnel to test and develop our products, we help them get one step closer to achieving their dreams – and ours."

– Matthew, Founder CEO of SPIEZ.



Constant Search For The Best

In addition to the user's feedback, which is crucial for us to serve even better, we believe that networking, both with the academic world and with institutions and business partners that favor the incorporation of technological gains, is indispensable to our constant search for the best technical solution for your life.


Innovation to Enhance

In 2022, the certification of our Research, Development and Innovation Management System (R&D)made us the first brand in the professional footwear industry to receive EN ISO 20345:2022 and ASTM F2413-18 certifications.
We seek innovation to improve our lives, and in collaboration with the Global Recycled Standard, we have recently developed two unparalleled safety shoes for the market.


Since 2021, our mission has been to assist individuals in achieving safe and healthy mobility in both work and life, enhancing people's work and lifestyle. To accomplish this goal, we require a healthy planet to thrive. Today, we are committed to making a positive impact on future generations and our Earth.


SPIEZ industry was born from the desire to rediscover contact with our natural environment, returning to the essence of the human foot becoming one with our surroundings. When you wear SPIEZ footwear, you facilitate a deeper connection between your body and the work environment.

Engineering Life

We are proud to be a benchmark for the quality of our products and services. Protecting what is important. Making people feel special. Helping the world of work to become more secure.

Take this trip with us

Our Future Team is exploring the endless frontiers of shoe engineering. Take the stance. What we can do together is inspiring. It's visionary.

Big Data, New Technologies

Those allow us gaining consumer knowledge and to customise the product according to the requirements and needs of each client.
And even providing suggestions for better performance based on different parameters: comfort, ergonomics, podiatric aspects, among others.

A Constant, Discovery Journey

We often find that working with new materials, technics and processes help us push the boundaries of traditional methods to end up at truly innovative destinations:
Professional footwear so innovative that you'll feel like you can go anywhere in complete control.

B E Y O N D  S A F E T Y